Adaptive and Personalized Learning on your Phone and Tablet.

Learn your way, at your own pace – whenever, wherever and however you want. DreamDegree™ transforms the learning material from your course into small, easy-to-study bits so you can Learn, Practice and Test with a better chance to remember what you learn.And DreamDegree™ learns about you as you use the app – what you know, what you need to know and how you learn so it can guide you down the ideal path to mastering all of your learning objectives.


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DreamDegree™ is a cloud-based learning sciences product comprised of several capabilities:


For today’s consumers who expect mobile solutions

Why Mobile-First?


Powered by artificial intelligence and “knows” not only what learners need to learn but also the way in which they prefer to learn

What is Adaptive Learning?


Students learn at their own pace as they progress toward mastery of specific knowledge and skills

How does DreamDegree work?

Faculty have greater insight into student learning with DreamDegree™:

Students don’t learn the same way, know the same concepts, or become proficient at the same time. DreamDegree™ identifies a personalized learning path for each student to aid in mastery of concepts. Faculty can spend more time on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


DreamDegree™ includes student dashboards that yield real-time information on student performance – on an individual and classroom basis. Faculty can quickly engage students who are struggling and challenge students who have mastered material.


Engaged students are more likely to persist. Field tests have demonstrated increased student satisfaction and retention rates as a result of adaptive, personalized learning.


Colleges and universities can apply DreamDegree™ to multiple programs and customize to meet objectives:

Whether stackable credentials or first year general education courses, the DreamDegree™ learning framework is outcomes- and assessment-based.

Class size may be increased without sacrificing quality. Faculty spend more time on coaching and supporting higher level learning because they are assured students have mastered prerequisite knowledge and skills.


DreamDegree™ is intuitive and easily accessible.

Learning content is delivered in short bursts of customized content so students can conveniently complete their courses throughout the day. Students get instant feedback on their progress as they master concepts and build skills. DreamDegree’s™ advanced technology identifies not only what students need to know but also how they learn most efficiently and effectively, increasing retention and improving student satisfaction. The DreamDegree™ app is available on all Apple, Android and Kindle Fire phones and tablets.
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